Our Culture and Values


Privalia wants to surprise – connecting people to the stories they want to live

Our culture is unique, vibrant, passionate – and pragmatic, as we tirelessly seek to pursue extraordinary results.

At Privalia, we believe that simple is better than complicated, and that decisions should be always consider long term effects.  We also believe that focus and discipline in execution are as important as having a clear strategy. We need to constantly “raise the bar” and our success depends on the success of our partner brands and the engagement of our customers.

Our leadership is a mix of executives from within the company and others recruited from companies that are benchmarks in their sectors. To join our team, it is not enough to just be efficient.  We want good, ethical, and committed people who work for Privalia to win. We search for people who have an owner’s mindset and who think about the long term.

We encourage innovation and believe that it is possible to learn both from mistakes and success. ”For us, a highly talented, diverse and passionate team, that is aligned with our culture and innovation, is essential for the Company to increasingly gain market relevance”.

At Privalia, Values are not empty words used to simply “decorate” our walls. Here, they really are the pillars of our strategy, execution and culture. It’s worth getting to know them:

  • We are good people and we generate Happiness
  • We Win as a Team
  • We are transparent and respectful
  • We are change
  • We put customers and brands at the center
  • We are passionate and results oriented