Our Business


We are the leading player in off price retail. By putting customers and brands at the center of our strategy, we offer the best outlet solution on the market.

Through campaigns, which have an average span of 7 days, our more than 1,500 partner brands gain access to a highly liquid sales channel to promote part of their inventory, while still protecting their brand positioning.

At the other end, our 17 million registered members, of which five million were achieved in 2020 alone, gain access to renowned products at super competitive prices.

Our initial focus was only on fashion products, but today we operate in 10 verticals, such as beauty, kids, pets, home & decor, and food & beverage. All of these verticals generate strong engagement for our clients.

Our active consumers make, on average, four visits per week to our platform and browse for almost 90 minutes per month on the mobile app and website, with 88% of browsing done via mobile. In total, we add up to nearly half a million daily visits.

This heavy traffic makes Privalia a relevant player for the sector’s sustainability, guaranteeing brands the best channel to sell products from previous collections (in addition to collections that are tailored exclusively for Privalia).

The most important evidence that clients realize the value of Privalia’s model is that 95% of relevant brands remain in our portfolio for five years, developing a long-term relationship with the Company. This enables the intensive use of big data so that Privalia and the brands have information on consumer profiles and habits.

Our success depends on the success of our partner brands. Here are some of the partner brands that are part of our ecosystem:

Want to know more about our model? This 4-minute video tells it all!